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Indian Milk Tea

By actively simmering or boiling a mixture of milk and a small quantity of water with loose leaf te

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Lemon Tea

Sweet, spicy and one of the best drinks to have during winter, lemon tea is power packed with incred

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Masala Tea

The traditional masala chai is a spiced beverage brewed with different proportions of warming spices

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Green Tea

Made from the finest leaves. Clean, delicious and full of natural flavonoids, we use Lipton and Tetl

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These include subtle changes to bring out a shiny acidity, flavor notes of milk or dark chocolate, o

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Bournvita, previously called Bourn-vita, is a brand of malted and chocolate malt drink mixes manufac

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Horlicks Is Clinically Proven To Make Your Child Taller, Stronger & Sharper. Healthy Weight Gain

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Tasty and trusted, Milo brand is the world’s leading chocolate malt beverage that can be prepa

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Boost® brand offers ready to drink beverages, powders, and more to supplement a variety of nutri

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orrange juice

Orange juice is a liquid extract of the orange tree fruit, produced by squeezing oranges. It comes i

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Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice is so simple to make with a blender. Refreshingly sweet and hydrating, it's pe

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Mango juice

This mango juice is made with no added sugar yet it is sufficiently sweet, fruity and so refreshing.

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Grape juice

Grape Juice delivers the bold, delicious taste of Concord grapes in every glass.

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Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is made from the fruit of the pomegranate. It is used in cooking both as a fresh j

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Matka Tea

Matka chai is any tea served in terracotta cups. Simple though it seems, we make matka chai using cu

Rs. 80
Monsoon Tea

With a combination of authentic spices, the Monsoon tea is prepared with that extra tinge of ginger

Rs. 80
Tulsi Tea

Texts of ayurveda describe the properties of tulsi as follows. It is light to digest and dries tissu

Rs. 60