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About Us

"It is more than just a hot beverage-Tea is a way of life."

The rich aroma and delicate pungency that is uniquely Indian, brings the nation together. It seems like tea would primarily be a mere taste experience but we at believe it is just as much about essence and texture as is about the taste.

With culinary secrets from over centuries long, we bring a blend of unique taste with a wide range of tea that will make you want to sip a little more! The team here believes that we live in a country where Italy-originated pizzas get delivered at the click of a button, then isn't it an injustice to something that is purely Indian in every sense? Imagine being caught up in the rain away from home and all you need is ek cup chai, we promise to deliver the same to you just in time. From being stressed with your office load to cheering up your not-in-a-good-mood girlfriend, ek cup chai might just work fine for you!

Our Team

A dedicated team consisting of web and app developers, people handling corporate relations, graphic designers, logistics, and operations manager and online marketing experts. We also have two delivery boys knowing the nook and corner of the Bhubaneswar. We make our own Chai having developed a formula as a result of experimenting with a combination of flavours. What holds us together is that we are all avid Chai lovers.

Sukalyan Das

Basumitra Das
Co Founder

Soumya Ranjan Nayak
UI Designer / Developer

Arnab Mohanty
Production Manager

Madhusmita Behera
UI Developer

Jyotiprava Sahoo
Web / App Developer

Mission & Vision


We at work to craft the most naturally delicious and one of its kind tea with provisions for customization, cheap delivery, and affordable price. We deter from using pollutant-containing products and imbibe on justifying the dignity and appreciation of our divine beverage. We work to innovate the best irrespective of their status with rates affordable to all. Grandma's secret and a few experiments, have worked together to serve you the best, most unique , healthy , ethical and quality tea in town. We strive to meet our own expectations.


To be the hub for Tea Appreciation in Bhubaneswar and a hub for our customers belonging to all kinds of social status, with tea delivered to them at extremely reasonable prices. We follow the same formula throughout with culinary secrets from generations long. We bring health to individuals and communities alike in the whole of Bhubaneswar. We guarantee quality tea or else a replacement for one that doesn't suit your need. All you need to do is click or call, sit back, sip and enjoy!